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UFC Embedded Episode 1: I have no reason not to get the job done. - Daniel Cormier

<p>UFC is back with its Embedded series, a behind the scenes look at some of the competitors as they prepare for upcoming events. Episode 1 of their UFC 200 series focuses on two of the title fights on the main card of the event as it looks at the fight camps of Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Frankie Edgar, and Jose Aldo.</p> <p>Jon Jones hits some pads and discusses how doing so after some wrestling rounds helps him prepare for coming back and hitting hard in case he has to spend a round on his back. He later discusses how little the interim belt to him. Meanwhile, Daniel Cormier’s camp is going through similar rituals.</p> <blockquote>He’s improved a lot. I feel a difference from him before to him now. He’s worked so hard for this one fight. I couldn’t help out for the first Jones fight. You need somebody to push you every day. So one day… somebody… you know… gets the better of you for whatever reason. That’s what makes you better. - <em>Cain Velasquez</em></blockquote> <blockquote>I’ve got all my training partners back. Guys to help me prepare for my fight. So I have no reason not to get the job done. - <em>Daniel Cormier</em></blockquote> <p>In Brazil a freshly motivated Jose Aldo is reportedly training like he used to back in his WEC prime. Frankie Edgar and his family check out a taco place and he puts in some work with Eddie Alvarez at Ricardo Almeida BJJ.</p> <blockquote>"A lot of what he does inspires and set the pace in here. There’s not a question that he’s going to win." - Eddie Alvarez.</blockquote> <p>Check out the video and join us for UFC 200 Saturday, July 9.</p>
UFC Embedded Episode 1: I have no reason not to get the job done. - Daniel Cormier - MMA Videos

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