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Vik Grujic vs. Brendan OReilly Results

<p><strong>Round 1</strong></p> <p>Brendan O’Reilly opens with a takedown around 30 seconds into the round. Vik Grujic quickly back to his feet presses O’Reilly against the cage. Grujic breaks with about 2:25 to go in round one and unloads the hardest hitting shots of the match so far. O’Reilly hits another takedown and quickly works to half guard. O’Reilly attempts a kimura against the cage, but he doesn’t have the position to finish. The two briefly exchange on the feet, and O’Reilly lands yet another takedown as the round ends.</p> <p><strong>Round 2</strong></p> <p>Grujic goes right back to the clinch at the opening of round two. This time he’s much more successful as he lands punches in bunches. O’Reilly and Grujic have a hard hitting exchange, and Grujic continues to press O’Reilly against the cage. Grujic drops his hands, breathes deeply, and eats a foot to the face with about two and a half minutes left in the round. Well damn. Grujic back to the clinch and lands some hard uppercuts. Both fighters are tired but they’re still pushing hard. Grujic starts blasting away with about thirty seconds left. He throws O’Reilly down and quickly takes his back, almost landing a submission before the buzzer saves the day.</p> <p><strong>Round 3</strong></p> <p>Grujic opens the third by continuing to press forward. They’re swinging wildly but not connecting. Each fighter attempts a takedown to no avail. It’s a cage battle for most of the third. Grujic seems to be winning the points battle, but O’Reilly finally hits a takedown with a minute forty-five left in the fight. Grujic battles back to his feet with a minute left to work. O’Reilly is trying to keep him against the cage though. O’Reilly hits one final takedown to end the fight.</p>


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Vik Grujic vs. Brendan OReilly Results - MMA News

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