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UFC on Fuel 9 Predictions

<p>Usually I'm so stoked to write my fight card predictions, but for some reason this almost feels like a chore. In MMA, that is very rare for me. I get excited about fighters that nobody has ever heard of, and even I am a tad eh on the 9th installment of UFC on FUEL TV.</p> <p>This was not so mere days ago, my dear friend. I am a huge Gusstafson fan, belonging to that group that sees him as a real threat to the title. When I heard he was going to be barred from fighting due to a cut, I was truly saddened. Granted, Mousasi is also pretty awesome (Fedor fans know), but I was eager to see a star continue to rise. Hopefully Gus will get onto an upcoming card, as I hear his "wound" is small.</p> <p>Gegard aside, that really leaves us with some decent undercard fighters, and Ryan Couture. Randy's son may just be the secret story of this card, and I wouldn't be surprised if his fight with Ross Pearson gets the most attention during AND after the fight. If Ryan can get a win inside the UFC, you can bet your ass he will skyrocket into popularity.</p> <p>For now, let's rub our crystal balls and put it on your nostradamass.</p> <h2>Akira Corassani vs. Robbie Peralta</h2> <h3>Punchinello</h3> <p>As far as I can tell, both of these guys have mad silly potential. I admit, I had to hit the catalog on Corassani, discovering that he is making his second FUEL TV appearance and rocks no losses inside the Octagon. He has them decent hands, but definatly knows his way around the wrestling. Akira isn't GSP, but he should be able to utilize his base in the fight and possibly have the better chance at controlling the battle.</p> <p>IF he can get it there.</p> <p>Peralta is 1-1 in the UFC, but hopefully you guys remember his last 2012 fight where he won via KO in like 20 seconds. Quick, powerful hands for a featherweight gives Peralta a good advantage on the feet. His wrestling isn't amazing, but he probably will be able to handle most of Akira's arsenal. Peralta has shown us he is one punch away from victory at all times.</p> <p>IF he can get it there.</p> <h4>PREDICTION: Peralta via 2nd round KO</h4> <h3>Derek Stewart</h3> <p>I know very little about these guys and I'm just kind of phoning this one in. However, I've been closely studying Corassani's arm tattoos and see his collection includes a pistol, a set of brass knuckles, a moth, and what appears to be a matryoshka doll. Combine that with the crazy script scrawled across his chest and at least 75% of his upper torso consists of things you might need to solve a Silent Hill puzzle. Peralta, by comparison, offers the nickname "Problems" and fresh, virgin skin. Fresh virgin skin is just another thing people wear as hats in Silent Hill, so I'm going with Corassani by guillotine choke.</p> <h4>Prediction: Corassani wins by guillotine choke in the second</h4> <h2>Diego Brandao vs. Pablo Garza</h2> <h3>Punchinello</h3> <p>For those of you who don't remember Diego Brandao, he won the 14th season of TUF. I think last year he was 50-50, with both outings being eh fights that went to the cards at the end. Brandao is a smart fighter, but I think he is still pretty green to The Stage, and has yet to really find his comfort zone.</p> <p>Pablo Garza is a fun fighter to watch. Last time we saw him, he was putting the final nail in Mark Hominicks coffin. Team Hominick is seriously gaining a body count, but thats for another day. Pablo was on a two fight skid prior to his popping of Hominick, so expect him to be hungry to get back to his winning ways.</p> <p>Unless Brandao has tightened up his game, Garza is likely to steam roll through him before 15 minutes go by. Expect a dodgy, chasing sort of fight. Think a very sloppy Machida vs most anybody.</p> <h4>PREDICTION: Pablo Garza via 3rd round RNC</h4> <h3>Derek Stewart</h3> <p>This match will likely be a harrowing journey between one man and his fridge. Will I go for the ham sandwich or the turkey? Will I use dijon mustard or just plain yellow? I mean on one hand I feel like the spiciness of the dijon will really complement the turkey but I'm not so sure how I feel it will fare against the sweeter, saltier pork. Will there be a beer in this meal? Who knows? But I bet I return just in time to find that one of these fine gents has won a very lackluster decision. I'll throw my money on Brandao.</p> <h4>Prediction: Diego Brandao wins by decision</h4> <h2>Brad Pickett vs. Mike Easton</h2> <h3>Punchinello</h3> <p>Mike Easton has more D's than a studdering college kid. I must admit, this fight feels like a feed 'em fight for Brad Pickett. Easton is an okay fighter, and certainly not the most boring cat to throw the leather. However, he seems to lack a real killer instinct, instead merely enjoying the competition itself moreso than the pain infliction.</p> <p>Pickett, an ever floating title contender, is looking to make a big statement against Easton. I am sure that, given the state of the Bantamweight division, the UFC is in real need of some title contenders. Although Pickett has already lost to Barao, he is very marketable and also quite an exciting fighter. It's easy to see why one would think the UFC is trying to help Picketts case for a title shot by hand feeding him the career of Mike Easton.</p> <p>It'll probably go as planned.</p> <h4>PREDICTION: Brad Pickett via Unanimous Decision</h4> <h3>Derek Stewart</h3> <p>This is the third set of fighters on this card not known for particularly giving it everything. This will likely be a ground contest where each fighter is just skilled enough on the ground to make a boring fight. I give the slight edge to Pickett given his stronger history of BJJ submissions, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Easton dominates by virtue of being the man on top.</p> <h4>Prediction: Mike Easton by decision</h4> <h2>Matt Mitrione vs. Phil De Fries</h2> <h3>Punchinello</h3> <p>Matt Mitrione is feeling the heat about this one. If he wins, his job might be safe. A loss would be his third in a row in his short seven fight career. His biggest win came against internet sensation Kimbo Slice. Phil De Fries is at .500 for the UFC and looks to change that in the only heavyweight bout on the card. Three of his fights haven't seen the third round.</p> <p>Mitrione just has a bit of a chin issue, which really sucks when you're in the HW division. WHile it's true that Matt has definatly been intertwining his skills better, he still carries a very rough fighting style into the Octagon. That worries me against a man like De Fries.</p> <p>Granted, De Fries has almost no KO wins in his entire career, but his submission game is pretty nasty. Over 80% of his wins have come via the sub. If he can manage to stun Mitrione, De Fries can capitolize with powerful BJJ skills.</p> <p>On the flipside, which makes this fight even more fun to watch, is the combining facts of Mitriones heavier hands and all of De Fries losses are from strikes. If Matt can keep it sharp, this could be his ticket back to job security and bigger name fights. Should he lose, Mitrione may be fighting on the same card as Jon Fitch the next time you see him.</p> <h4>PREDICTION: Matt Mitrione via 1st Round KO</h4> <h3>Derek Stewart</h3> <p>I predict that Matt Mitrione spooks De Fries over the the side of the cage and ends up throwing a flurry of punches like some drunken daiquiri blender. </p> <h4>Prediction: Matt Mitrione by 1st round KO</h4> <h2>Ross Pearson vs. Ryan Couture</h2> <h3>Punchinello</h3> <p>Ross Pearson doesn't make it a habit of going to the judges for the win. Ryan COuture almost always goes to the cards for his wins. So, right off the bat, this makes for a very interesting fight. This one will literally be an example of "imposing will on the other", as whoever can do what they do will take this fight without issue.</p> <p>For Pearson, he comes in as a great striker with some quality wins under his belt. Ross has defeated the likes of Denis Siver, George Sotropolololis, Junior Assuncao, Andre Winner, and Aaron Riley. On top of that, Ross comes in with two distinct advantages:</p> <p>1. He is already comfortable fighting in the UFC</p> <p>2. He isn't the son of Randy Couture</p> <p>Ryan, on the other hand, is making is UFC debut coming off two close split decision wins, most notably over KJ Noons at the final Strikeforce event. Speaking of notable, KJ Noons was far and away Coutures most challenging opponent. I would dare say that Pearson is, at this moment, an even more dangerous fighter than Noons.</p> <p>Ryan has a shot, if he can get it to the ground and work his G&P en route to a possible submission. Couture has earned a few sub wins, so look for Ryan to be going for those like crazy should Ross crack him a good one across the chin.</p> <p>And he will.</p> <h4>PREDICTION: Ross Pearson via 2nd Round TKO</h4> <h3>Derek Stewart</h3> <p>Ryan Couture burst directly from the pulsing glands of his father's gonads covered in the afterbirth of a warrior. He was the only kid to use a hammerlock in a Nerf fight and now fights proudly for America as a lightweight. His first opponent inside the Octagon is Ross Pearson, one of many win-loss-win-loss-win-loss fighters. Pearson has shown weakness on the ground but Couture has had difficulty earning wins over much lesser competitors.</p> <h4>Prediction: Ryan Couture by decision</h4> <h2>Gegard Mousasi vs. Ilir Latifi</h2> <h3>Punchinello</h3> <p>I'm so angry that they wouldn't let Gus fight because of a small cut. So now a guy who is 7-2 and a dude who is 33-3 are going to both be making their UFC debuts as headliners on a main card. I also heard that Latifi, who is the 7-2 cat, has cut like almost 30 lbs to make this fight.</p> <p>Not to mention that while Mousasi is a world class MMA veteran with a giants bag of fight tricks, Latifi is fairly green and is prone to winning/losing by decision when not pulling off the occasional submission.</p> <p>Mousasi has only lost 3 times, twice by armbar. If I was Illir, I'd be channeling my inner Ronda Rousey all night long. Again, Mousasi is world class, so expect him to be ready to keep it on the feet for most of the fight.</p> <p>Illir will need a movie moment to pull this one off. And, unfortunatly for him, this card is on free TV.</p> <h4>PREDICTION: Gegard Mousasi via 2nd Round TKO</h4> <h3>Derek Stewart</h3> <p>Now it's time for the fight that everyone kind of wanted to see but then it got changed so whatever. Latifi, Gustafsson's training partner, will be replacing him against renowned striker Gegard Mousasi. Latifi brings a decent wrestling background to the fight while Mousasi is a knockout artist. Latifi will be tired and dehydrated, so look for him to stay tight against Mousasi and attempt to work this one via ground and pound.</p> <h4>Prediction: Ilir Latifi by decision</h4>


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