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UFC on Fox 21 Results: Jim Miller Defeats Joe Lauzon in Close Split Decision

<p>Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller had their long-awaited rematch to open the main card of UFC on Fox 21.&nbsp; Each competitor entered the fight with a win over his respective opponent at UFC 200.&nbsp; Lauzon quickly knocked out fellow TUF alum Diego Sanches and Miller handed Takanori Gomi his third consecutive defeat.&nbsp; This set the stage for their collision at UFC on Fox 21.</p> <p>Lauzon quickly applied pressure and took Miller down in the opening of the fight.&nbsp; He went for a heel hook that yielded nothing and the fight returned to the feet.&nbsp; After a missed spinning shot, Lauzon once again took top control on the ground and maintained it until the closing minute of the round.&nbsp; During this period Miller began to establish his offense and finished the round throwing some hard leather.</p> <p>Miller quickly established his offense at the start of the second round and successfully forced Lauzon to cover up and retreat.&nbsp; Miller had the most success here, often landing combinations in multiples and at different angles.&nbsp; By comparison, Lauzon was walking forward and eating the worst of these shots.&nbsp; Lauzon stopped a kick from Miller and took the fight to the ground with a minute and a half left, and there he stayed for the remainder of the round.</p> <p>Miller came out looking for the finish early in the third and hit a barrage of punches and kicks.&nbsp; With roughly three minutes left in the round, Lauzon took Miller down and controlled him against the cage for much of the rest of the round, landing some hard shots from the top but never coming close to finishing Miller.</p> <p>Two of the three judges scored the fight for Miller, a decision that elicited many boos from the crowd.&nbsp; Miller&rsquo;s victory gave him the most lightweight wins in the promotion&rsquo;s history.</p>


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UFC on Fox 21 Results: Jim Miller Defeats Joe Lauzon in Close Split Decision - MMA News

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