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UFC on Fox 21 Results: Anthony Pettis Returns to Form with Win Over Charles Oliveira

<p>Charles Oliveira welcomed Anthony &ldquo;Showtime&rdquo; Pettis to the UFC featherweight division in a hard-fought, three round war of attrition that ultimately saw Pettis victorious. &nbsp;</p> <p>Pettis opened the fight with a kick caught by Oliveira and was forced to the cage.&nbsp; Much of his opening offense was stifled and negated via the grappling skills of Oliveira.&nbsp; Oliveira was able to draw Pettis to the ground and take his back, but Pettis was able to spin around in Oliveira&rsquo;s guard.&nbsp; This move would be a key component to Pettis&rsquo;s victory throughout the fight.&nbsp; Once recovered he buckled Oliveira with two hard body kicks and took control of the round.&nbsp; He finished the round on top landing some rough ground and pound.&nbsp; Oliveira continued to press for submissions but was not able to find them.</p> <p>Pettis began to keep his distance in the second round and was winning the standup despite slowing somewhat due to what he later attributed to the weight cut.&nbsp; Oliveira continued to press his jiu-jitsu but continued to find himself in trouble when Pettis would spin into his guard after Oliveira took his back.&nbsp; Finally, in round three, Pettis gave up his back and reversed position.&nbsp; Oliveira attempted an oma plata without success and found himself caught in Pettis&rsquo;s guillotine as he rose to his feet.&nbsp; The choke was deep, and Pettis finished his first fight in his new weight class.</p>


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UFC on Fox 21 Results: Anthony Pettis Returns to Form with Win Over Charles Oliveira - MMA News