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UFC 203 Results: Jimmie Rivera scores unanimous decision over Urijah Faber

<p>Jimmie Rivera defeated Urijah Faber via unanimous decision in the second fight of the UFC 203 main card.</p> <p>The two men wasted no time in opening up with several leg and head kicks to start the bout. Urijah was light on his feet and took the center of the cage, pressuring Rivera to the fence. The up-and-coming 27-year old struggled a little bit to get in boxing range against Faber, who was always just out of the way, but was able to repeatedly find a home for the leg kick. The two went back and forth with combinations but nothing very significant was landed with &ldquo;The California Kid&rdquo; taking a slight edge.</p> <p>The second round saw Rivera moving forward a lot more, pressuring Faber to the fence to continue his leg attacks, eventually dropping Faber with a heavy kick to the shin of Faber&rsquo;s lead leg. Both men were able to connect with more accuracy this round with the momentum shifting in Rivera&rsquo;s favor. Faber was limping on his left leg on his way to the corner at the end of the round.</p> <p>In the third round, Rivera continued off where he started in the second round, finding a home for his counter left hook whenever Faber would try to close the distance. He kept landing kicks to Faber&rsquo;s lead leg, dropping him once more before the fight was paused due to an eye poke. By the second half of the round, Rivera was landing with significantly more authority and was in total control of the distance up until the final bell.</p> <p>The bout was scored 30-27 by all three judges for Jimmie Rivera.</p> <p>Rivera seemed pretty fired up after scoring his first win over a big name in the sport. &ldquo;Urijah Faber, I grew up watching this kid, holy sh-t,&rdquo; he said in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. &ldquo;I&rsquo;m fighting a legend, first round feeling out, second round feeling better, third round feeling great,&rdquo; he continued when asked about how he thought the fight went.</p> <p>The win extends Rivera&rsquo;s record to 20-1 overall and 4-0 in the UFC.</p>


Jamal Khayat is a writer for RoughCopy MMA. He began his training in combat sports in 2009 and has competed as an amateur in both MMA and boxing. He is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Physics at the University of Central Florida.


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UFC 203 Results: Jimmie Rivera scores unanimous decision over Urijah Faber - MMA News

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