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UFC 179 Results: Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes

<p>Mendes opened up with a leg kick early on and Jose responded with some crisp combinations. Mendes does a good job keeping the pressure up early on in the round. Mendes continues to throw leg kicks and Aldo responds with kicks and crisp jabs. Jose finally gets off a couple of leg kicks of his own and Mendes a hard left. The action is temporarily broken up by a Mendes eye poke. Aldo comes back strong with a knee and drops Mendes with a hard punch. Aldo swarms Mendes and works hard punches and elbows from the top. Mendes forces his way back to his feet with less than 15 seconds in the round. Aldo throws two hard punches as the horn sounds at the end of the round that rock Mendes and knock him off of his feet again.</p> <p>Round two opens a bit slower as each opponent looks to land. Finally Mendes does, but it’s a kick to the groin that halts the action. Mendes begins to move a bit more after the break. Mendes continues to throw kicks that get checked and the two spend most of the round exchanging singular shots to the body.</p> <p>And round three opens with an eye poke. Mendes hits a sharp left and Aldo comes off of it with some nice shots. Jose maintains the pressure in this round and picks Mendes apart with his striking. Mendes fakes a takedown and comes up with a HARD uppercut that wobbles Aldo, then Aldo returns fire and knocks Mendes off of his feet. Mendes manages to tie up Aldo and throw him to the ground. Mendes has back control of Aldo standing against the cage with less than a minute to go in the round.</p> <p>Not much action in the first minute and a half of the fourth. Mendes seems to be getting the better of the jabs being exchanged in this round. Aldo is now opened up under the eye. This might be Mendes’s best round so far.</p> <p>Mendes finally secures his first hard takedown with a double leg on Aldo early in the fifth. Aldo scoots back up two minutes into the round. Aldo now with combinations. He throws off another takedown and takes the back of Mendes against the cage. Another dick kick but the ref obviously has somewhere to be tonight and isn’t hearing any of it. The two end the fight with Aldo pressing forward with some crazy flying kicks. Aldo walks away with another unanimous decision and his seventh consecutive defense.</p>


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UFC 179 Results: Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes - MMA News

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