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UFC 179 Results: Glover Teixeira vs. Phil Davis

<p>Davis was able to do a great job of keeping away from Teixeira’s power throughout most of the first. He missed his first couple of takedowns but finally dragged Teixeira to the ground and wore him like an old suit. Teixeira did a decent job of pushing pressure on the feet but Davis’s takedown won the round.</p> <p>Teixeira landed a couple of decent shots to start round two but soon found himself in a similar position as he was in at the end of round 1. He managed to reverse positions but couldn’t do much with it. Davis fought his way back to his feet and quickly dragged Teixeira back to the canvas. Davis continued to pepper Teixeira with uppercuts from the back. Glover ate an accidental eye poke but otherwise Davis maintained control throughout the rest of the round.</p> <p>Glover goes for a wild hook at about the one minute mark of the third and gets taken down by Davis. Glover continues to be dominated by Davis from the back. By the end of the round Davis was literally dragging Glover to the ground. Davis wins a dominant decision over Teixeira after a long, grinding three round.</p>


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UFC 179 Results: Glover Teixeira vs. Phil Davis - MMA News

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