UFC 176 Canceled

Rumors began circulating July 2 stating that Jose Aldo had suffered an injury and would be forced to pull out of his August 2 fight against Chad Mendes. The rumors were confirmed earlier this week as the UFC began to frantically put together a new main event.

Unfortunately, the UFC has been plagued with high level injuries and retirements over the past year. Anderson Silva, Johny Hendricks, Anthony Pettis, and Ronda Rousey are all shelved for various lengths of time. GSP has retired, and their old workhorse when they needed a quick main event, Chael Sonnen, has taken enough steroids to become an actual work horse. Jones, Velasquez, and Dillashaw have upcoming engagements, and Johnson and Weidman fought recently.

The poor schmuck in the truck that undoubtedly got fired tried his hardest to save the event, but Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes will be moved to a card later this year, supposedly sometime in October. Fights originally scheduled to appear on this card will be moved to other events.

Rumors are already circulating that the card was canceled because Jon Jones is arrogant, and not because it was a terrible card hinging upon a title fight that barely cracked 200,000 buys last go round.


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