Stipe Miocic Outstrikes Roy Nelson for Three Rounds

Roy Nelson vs. Stipe Miocic

Round 1

Roy takes center Octagon and Miocic circles. Nelson fakes a takedown and throws a hard overhand right. Miocic lands his own crisp left. The two exchange punches and a couple of leg kicks. Nelson throws the left and closes end. He eats a Miocic combo and the two clench against the cage. Stipe hits a hard right that hurts Nelson. Nelson goes in for an attack and eats a left. Miocic throwing hard shots now. Nelson shoots for a takedown and gets sprawled. Back the feet. Miocic is looking better on the exchanges. He gets a couple of shots off on Nelson from the back ground position before they get back up. Miocic hits a jab and follows up. Nelson is rocked. Miocic now just throwing blow after blow to Roy against the cage. Big Country finally rotates around and gets Miocic against the cage. Holy shit. The two circle to close out the round.

Rough Copy scores the round 10-9 for Miocic.

Round 2

The second round looks similar to the first. Miocic gets Nelson against the cage and Big Country gasps for breath. They separate and exchange blows on the outside. Nelson continues to press forward but ends up losing on the exchanges. Nelson lands a hard uppercut and Miocic retreats. Miocic tags him again. Miocic now pressing Nelson against the cage. Nelson is clearly frustrated that the quicker Miocic is constantly just outside of his range.

Rough Copy scores the round 10-9 for Miocic.

Round 3

Miocic comes out with aggressive jabs. Miocic hits a clean right hand. Nelson finally lands a couple of clean shots. Nelson gets another good shot in and Miocic literally runs away. Nelson clearly isn't used to going this deep. The two are eventually separated from the cage with about 1:45 to go. Nelson has his hands dropped now and is swaying back and forth. Why does this remind me of Christmas and why do I suddenly smell Jim Bean? Miocic closes out the fight with a flurry of shots.

Rough Copy scores the round 10-9 for Miocic.

Rough Copy scores the fight 30-27 for Miocic. The judges agree and he walks away the winner.


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