Rashad Evans Comes Back Hard in Round 3 to Beat Dan Henderson

Main Event!

Dan Henderson vs. Rashad Evans

Round 1

Rashad Evans opens the fight with jabs. He backs Hendo against the cage and hits a quick flurry. Hendo looking calm. Rashad darts in with a couple of shots. Hendo works the left jab for a bit to little success. Evans goes for a takedown but Hendo stuffs it. Hendo now pinned against the cage but gets away immediately. Hendo hits a short uppercut. Hendo drops Evans with a jab and follows up with a shot. Evans very wobbly. Hendo closes in and gets off some hard shorts, but Evans recovers and gets away. Not much action for the final thirty seconds as both men seem hesitant.

Rashad's corner assures him that he's good.

Rough Copy scores the round 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 2

Rashad gets a takedown about thirty seconds into the round but Hendo is right back up. Evans has Hendo against the cage but Hendo uses knees to escape. The two exchange some hard shots, one being a hard knee by Henderson. Henderson continues to chase Evans with the jab. Henderson gets clipped and moves away. Henderson now pressed against the cage and takes a shot on the separation. More jabs from both parties. The two circle for what feels like forever. Evans goes for a takedown and gets thrown aside by Hendo. Less than a minute to go. Evans throws a combo and lands a couple. They both look a little winded going into the third.

Rough Copy scores the round 10-9 for Evans.

Round 3

Hendo continues to charge forward with the jab and Evans moves away. Evans finally lands a vicious flurry that makes Henderson back off. More circling. Evans tags Henderson with a jab. Three minutes left. Evans shoots for a single leg and Henderson stuffs it. Henderson is now against the cage. Evans throws some short punches. Henderson looks for an escape. Henderson goes back to the knees that got him free earlier. Rashad breaks and hits a nasty combination. He goes back to the clench and breaks again shortly after. Henderson hits an uppercut and gets backed against the cage again. Henderson hits a knee and a punch, but Evans lands a hard shot. Back to the cage. Henderson hits a hard short elbow. A knee from Hendo and some hooks from Evans. The two clash on a short final exchange. Evans looked way more aggressive in that round.

Rough Copy scores the round 10-9 for Evans.

Tough fight to call. There will be controversy no matter who wins this one. I smell a splitter.

Rough Copy calls the fight 29-28 with Rashad Evans the winner.

The judges score it 29-28, 28-29, and 29-28 with Rashad Evans the winner by split decision.


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