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Kyle Kingsbury Retires

<p>Kyle Kingsbury went through some soul-changing ordeals after Jimi Manuwa fractured his orbital in a TKO by doctor stoppage. During the near two year span in which Kingsbury stayed out of competition, he <a href="http://arizonasports.com/241/1738186/Kyle-Kingsbury-I-had-to-accept-my-fears-before-I-could-think-about-fighting-again" target="_blank">went off into the desert to trip serious balls and have life-changing visions</a>.</p> <blockquote>"It really showed me the fear that I had carried with me in those fights. It showed me the fear that my parents had carried with me throughout my childhood and it just showed how none of that makes sense. Now this isn't to say that I'm not afraid of anything anymore. Life happens, fear creeps in from any direction. The key is to be able catch it, to recognize it and to say ‘this isn't going to do me any good.' I'm either going to do what I want to do or I'm not. I'm either going to win the fight or I'm not. There's no sense in dwelling on the outcome. All I need to do is focus on how I'm going perform and being present and in the moment and that's when I can perform at my best."</blockquote> <p>While Kingsbu was crapping his pants and talking to spirits, part-time barista Patrick Cummins was getting tired of everyone's shit. After replacing Rashad Evans to fight Daniel Cormier, Cummins was given one task. Sell the hell out of a fight the entire Vegas betting world considered preposterous or learn how to make a decent roast blend. After DC affectionately mauled him, he received more appropriate competition. He dropped Roger Narvaez and handed Kingsbury his fourth consecutive loss.</p> <p>Kingsbury steps away from the Octagon at 32 years old. He is 11-6 with 1 no contest. His biggest win was against Fabio Maldonado.</p>


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Kyle Kingsbury Retires - MMA News

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