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GSP Leaves MMA Indefinitely, Lawler and Hendricks to Fight for Title

<p>Georges St-Pierre announced Friday afternoon that he would be indefinitely vacating the UFC Welterweight Championship. Despite racking up a stunning 9 consecutive title defenses, St-Pierre has come under criticism during this title reign due to 8 of those 9 fights being decision victories. Nonetheless, St-Pierre is one of the busiest competitors in the sport. His dedication to the sport kept in a constant drill of training camps with increasing pressure on every fight.</p> <blockquote>"What people don't understand is that in the situation that I am at, it's a lot of pressure. Every fight I'm carrying weight on my shoulders, and every fight it's like you add weight. At one point it becomes so heavy that I have a hard time carrying it myself. Physically, I'm a hundred percent and I'm still young and on top of the world, but mentally, I cannot go through another training camp right now and I don't know when I will be able to," said St-Pierre.</blockquote> <p>If he walked away for good right now, St-Pierre's legacy in the sport would be reigning as the most dominant fighter of one of the most stacked divisions in the sport for nearly a decade. Though he cited undisclosed personal reasons for his ultimate decision to walk away, the champ hasn't really had much "me" time in a very long while. His focus on his craft is unwavering as he prepares for one top ten ranked opponent to the next and this dedication appears to have taken its toll, at least for now, on the champion. UFC president Dana White was supportive of the decision, stating, "This isn't baseball or some other sport. This is fighting. You have to be a hundred percent mentally, physically, emotionally. If you're not, you should sit on the sidelines and wait until you get your stuff cleared up, and I think it's the right move."</p> <p>GSP left the door open to return stating that he has climbed Everest three times already and will do it again if need be. In the meantime, a new champion will be crowned when Johny Hendricks, the last person to face St-Pierre and number 2 ranked welterweight in the world, faces Robbie Lawler. Lawler is currently ranked number 4 in the division and has won his last three in a row. The two face off at UFC 171.</p>


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GSP Leaves MMA Indefinitely, Lawler and Hendricks to Fight for Title - MMA News

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