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Gilbert Melendez Suspended Following UFC 188 Drug Test

<p>UFC lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez is suspended for one year following the results of his UFC 188 drug test. In <a href="http://www.ufc.com/news/UFC-Statement-on-Gilbert-Melendez" target="_blank">a statement released by the UFC</a>, Melendez tested positive for “exogenous origin of testosterone metabolites” and has been removed from his July 15 UFC Fight Night bout against Al Iaquinta.</p> <p>The positive test is unlikely to change the result of the fight, a three round war that saw Eddie Alvarez come out the victor via split decision. UFC 188 took place in Mexico, and in the case of international events that lack a regulatory agency to oversee testing, the UFC handles these proceedings internally.</p> <p>Melendez will be ineligible to return to action until next June. The 33 year old former Strikeforce champ issued the following statement to his fans:</p> <blockquote>“Regrettably, I tested positive in my post fight urine sample for UFC 188,” Melendez said. “I did not inject anything, but I am responsible and accept the consequences for the results. I will make sure I am better educated about the products I use and their implications. Going forward I will ensure no products I use will contain banned substances. I am sincerely apologetic to everyone who supports me, including my fans, sponsors and the UFC. I value your trust and respect and will do everything in my power to keep it.”</blockquote>


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Gilbert Melendez Suspended Following UFC 188 Drug Test - MMA News

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