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Frankie Edgar coach interested in move to bantamweight

<p>A drop to bantamweight is not out of the picture for Frankie Edgar.</p> <p>The former UFC lightweight champion and current #2 ranked featherweight contender has always been undersized for his weight class yet has still managed to compete among the best, having never lost a non-title fight in over eight years. In 2010, Edgar won the lightweight title from all-time great BJ Penn and defended it three times before losing a decision to Benson Henderson. More recently, he went on a five-fight tear in the featherweight division to earn himself a shot at the interim title against Jose Aldo at UFC 200 where he came up short to the former long-time champ.</p> <p>His coach, Mark Henry, recently spoke to MMAFighting&rsquo;s Ariel Helwani on <a href="http://www.mmafighting.com/2016/8/5/12382404/coach-mark-henry-wants-frankie-edgar-to-take-shortest-route-to-ufc"><em>The MMA Hour</em></a> where he gave a recount of Edgar&rsquo;s last performance and discussed what he&rsquo;d like next for his star pupil.</p> <p>&ldquo;As soon as that fight ended, it was one of the biggest fights in my head that I could remember where right when the fight ended there was like 10 things or 15 things that went through my head -- should&#39;ve done this, should&#39;ve done that, should&#39;ve called this, should&#39;ve called that -- that would&#39;ve worked, that Frankie would&#39;ve done,&rdquo; Henry said of the fight against Aldo.</p> <p>&quot;Frankie is so amazing, man. You just have to yell out anything to him and he&#39;ll jump all over it. He trusts in his corner a lot, and I just think that the chasing -- we were just trying to be so aggressive and kind of left our game a little bit, instead of taking the time and working more of our game. I think we just rushed things a little bit. It reminded me a little bit of (T.J.) Dillashaw (versus) Dominick Cruz, where Dillashaw kind of left his game a little bit, just rushing after him and trying to just go after him, and wasn&#39;t putting technique into play.&rdquo;</p> <p>Edgar, 34, has now had fought for the title multiple times in the lightweight and featherweight division over the course of his 11-year pro MMA career. Henry believes that the best path for Edgar is the quickest to the next title shot which could mean a drop to 135-pounds.</p> <p>&ldquo;I think he&#39;s one of the best fighters who ever walked on the face of the Earth,&quot; said Henry. &quot;I think that people still don&#39;t realize -- like Marlon [Moraes], he&#39;s a 135er, he&#39;s bigger than Frankie. Frankie is a true 135er. I hate to say this stuff, but [when] Conor fights Nate [Diaz], it&#39;s probably more of his weight class, 155, and they make the biggest deal out of Conor and he came up mega-short. Frankie had a title at 155 and came really close this last time at winning his second title, and he&#39;s really a 135er.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;So, for me, I just really want to go the shortest cut to the next title, whether it be 135 or 145, whatever brings him the closest.&rdquo;</p>


Jamal Khayat is a writer for RoughCopy MMA. He began his training in combat sports in 2009 and has competed as an amateur in both MMA and boxing. He is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Physics at the University of Central Florida.


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Frankie Edgar coach interested in move to bantamweight - MMA News

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