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Demian Maia Chokes Carlos Condit in the First, Willing to Wait for Title Shot

<p>Demian Maia got it done in one tonight, earning his 12th career submission and 9th in the UFC.&nbsp; He showed up in top form, quickly spinning Condit to the ground and worked for side control.&nbsp; Maia is one of the toughest in the sport to shake off once he has you, though, and Maia worked his way to Condit&rsquo;s back as he attempted to regain his footing.&nbsp; Maia backpacked Condit back to the ground and sank in the rear-naked choke, holding it until Condit tapped.</p> <p>The victory is Maia&rsquo;s sixth straight and third via rear-naked choke within this current streak.&nbsp; When asked if he would be willing to face number one contender Stephen Thompson, Maia said he would be patient and wait for the winner.</p> <p>&quot;If he will fight first, I will wait for the winner of Woodley and &#39;Wonderboy,&#39;&quot; Maia said.</p> <p>Condit was a bit more reserved about his future plans.</p> <p>&quot;I have mad respect for Maia as a martial artist, and as a man.&nbsp; As far as my future, I have no idea,&rdquo; said Condit in his post-fight interview.</p>


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Demian Maia Chokes Carlos Condit in the First, Willing to Wait for Title Shot - MMA News

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