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Conor McGregor Survives the Takedowns, TKO’s Mendes in the Second

<p>After months of assuring us that the UFC title was his destiny, Ireland’s Conor McGregor came one step closer by winning the interim featherweight title in UFC 189’s main event contest. Mendes promised to bring a strong takedown threat, and he did so by solidly planting McGregor four times, the first four times we have ever seen McGregor taken down.</p> <p>People speculated whether or not McGregor would be willing to throw kicks against a wrestler, McGregor let go and landed some early in the first that slowed Mendes. Mendes looked to be doing well in the first round by getting McGregor down and advancing easily to side control, but McGregor fought through the hard elbows from the top to survive. Mendes got McGregor down again in the second, but McGregor was able to scramble to his feet and change the complexion of the fight. McGregor promised he would defeat Mendes in two rounds, and he delivered at 4:57 of the second round with two perfectly placed punches right on the exposed jaw of a retreating Mendes who found himself against the cage. Mendes dropped and McGregor rushed in to finish the fight.</p> <p>Next stop for the interim champ is a unification bout when injured champ Jose Aldo returns.</p>


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Conor McGregor Survives the Takedowns, TKO’s Mendes in the Second - MMA News

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