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Ben Saunders Survives Kenny Robertson, Wins Split Decision

<p>Ben Saunders steps into this fight with the only omoplata in UFC history and he’s competing against the only Suloev stretch in UFC history. Saunders looked to repeat the feat early in the first round, but Robertson was able to defend. Saunders was able to control most of the rest of the round at range and peppered Robertson with body kicks. Robertson blocked most of them but took some punishment to his arm. Robertson threatened deep in the third with a hard right that dropped Saunders, but he was unable to capitalize.</p> <p>Robertson came out swinging fast and hard in the second round. He found some success in his flurries and opened up Saunders’s nose. A low blow stopped the fight about a minute and a half in, but Robertson was quick to go back to work. Action began to slow about three minutes in as Robertson found his range and began darting in and out with hard jabs and stiff rights. Robertson pinned Saunders against the cage in the closing minute of the round. He threw some winging punches that a tired Saunders was able to mostly dodge, but he did enough to solidly win the round.</p> <p>Saunders was more aggressive in the third round. He went back to working the body with kicks and quickly ended up back in guard where he did the most damage of the fight. With almost four minutes to go, Saunders held Robertson in a triangle position while cranking elbow after elbow into the side of his temple. He only let go with roughly 15 seconds in the round to attempt a failed armbar. Robertson was unable to capitalize.</p> <p>The bout went to the scorecard and Ben Saunders walked away with the split decision win. Saunders moves to 19-6 and Robertson drops to 15-4.</p>


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Ben Saunders Survives Kenny Robertson, Wins Split Decision - MMA News