Ashlee Evans-Smith TKOs Newcomer Veronica Macedo in the Third

Ashlee Evans-Smith improved to 2-1 in the UFC and 5-1 overall with a third round TKO victory over newcomer Veronica Macedo.  The contest was a gritty cage battle characterized by some old-fashioned Randy Couture style cage action.  Macedo utilized her taekwondo background to land some hard side kicks, but Evans-Smith was able to successfully smother her against the cage for much of the fight.  Macedo attempted multiple kneebars throughout the second and third round, but she was unable to sink the hold and ended up in worse positions.

Finally, in the third round, she was cornered against the cage by Evans-Smith.  Pinned and unable to defend, Macedo was done when Evans-Smith rained down elbows to close the fight.  Evans-Smith was all smiles in her post-fight interview and wished her opponent all the best, just not tonight.  When pressed for what she will do to set herself above the rest of her division, she kept it simple.

“I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and keep winning” - Ashlee Evans-Smith

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