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Alexander Gustafsson Injured, Daniel Cormier Steps Up

<p>The Year of A Thousand Main Event Shuffles continues to roll well into September's cards. Ufc.com announced earlier today that Alexander Gustafsson suffered a knee injury during training and would no longer be able to compete at UFC 178. Unlike the ill-fated UFC 176 that was recently canceled, the UFC was able to scramble together not just another main event, but one that has been building and has larger drawing potential.</p> <p>The undefeated 15-0 Daniel Cormier brought thorough destruction to Dan Henderson at UFC 173. Daniel Cormier has crushed top competition at heavyweight and looks even meaner at light heavyweight. He has able to completely shutdown the grappling game of some of the best in the world. Jones, the reigning pound for pound king, has also taken down and dismantled guys who have dominated other top talent in the division.</p> <blockquote>"September 28th, you're going to be writing what a performance Daniel Cormier put on at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. You're going to say 'it was as if everything came together at the perfect time, and he fought a fight that nobody could have imagined would take place.' The reactions will be like they were after TJ Dillashaw versus Renan Barao on May 24th." - Daniel Cormier</blockquote>


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Alexander Gustafsson Injured, Daniel Cormier Steps Up - MMA News

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