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Alex Chambers vs. Kailin Curran Results

<p><strong>Round 1</strong></p> <p>Chambers hits a big knee from the clench early in the round. Curran applying lots of pressure, but it backfires as Chambers easily gets her off of her feet. They scramble and Curran now on top pounding away. Chambers works her way back to her feet around the two minute mark. Curran is hitting some hard shots, but Chambers manages a few counters of her own. Chambers shoots for a sloppy double and gets it, but Curran quickly gets back to her feet.</p> <p><strong>Round 2</strong></p> <p>Curran again the aggressive fighter. She’s landing harder shots and at range. Chambers hits her best kick of the fight at 1:15 of the round. Curran applies cage pressure and continues to pressure. Chambers appears gassed and Curran still looks just as fresh as she did at the beginning of this fight. Curran throws Chambers to her back and starts landing some vicious ground and pound. Chambers gets back up and continues to get hit with about a minute left in the round.</p> <p><strong>Round 3</strong></p> <p>Chambers opens up attempting to land some kicks, but Curran is not having any of it. Curran has her back against the cage with a minute down. Curran hits a double leg with three and a half minutes to go in the final round. Chambers looking for an elbow lock and Curran attempts to slam her out of her. Chambers retains her hold and begins prying apart the closed arms of Curran. Curran slides out, but Alex Chambers adjusts to an arm bar. She gets it! </p> <p>Official Decision: Alex Chambers defeats Kailin Curran at 3:15 of round 3 via armbar.</p>


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Alex Chambers vs. Kailin Curran Results - MMA News

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