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Wes Barnes Joins Us to Discuss Legacy FC 47 Co-Main Event

<p>Local standout Wesley Barnes dropped by earlier in the week to discuss his upcoming Legacy FC 47 match, training, and his experience trying out for The Ultimate Fighter. Barnes is a 3-1 professional with one win by TKO and two by decision. He's looking to make a big splash tonight with a strong finish over a tough regional vet in Dave Vitkay.</p> <p><strong>Rough Copy: Tell us a little about your average day. What do you do?</strong></p> <p>Wesley Barnes: Aw man. Every day. I’m up at 9, 9:30 really and then I’m at the gym at 10. I train, we do like a, uhm we do a class, or strength and conditioning, and then at 12 o’clock, 12:30 we’re out there doing a sparring session. Then after that it’s time for lunch. Uhm… basically I don’t do anything until it’s time to go back to the gym to get some more training in, man.</p> <p><strong>RC: So basically you’re out there training all day every day.</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yep.</p> <p><strong>RC: All right. Sounds good. You served in the military, correct?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Ahh yes I was. I was in an IEAF center about, um.. in 07.</p> <p><strong>RC: Okay cool, can you tell us a little about that and what aspects from it have helped your mma career?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yeah sure. I was with Fox 2/4 over there, first marine division. Infantry. SO company. That means I dealt a lot with boat operations, and I went to Iraq and that turned into a maritime special purpose force. Basically, uhm, we worked with helicopters and motorized vehicles. Yeah. It was a crazy time. How it helps me now? The stress of fighting and these competitions - They’re nothing really. They’re just sort of like *laughs* a sick fix or adrenaline rush.</p> <p><strong>RC: Okay, so it really helped you get the mental toughness for mma.</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yeah. Yeah, yeah like what’s the worst that can happen?</p> <p><strong>RC: What’s your diet like and how difficult is the weight cut for you?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Hum, my diet. I try to eat home cooked foods at my house, you know. No McDonalds none of that other good stuff. Every now and then maybe steak. Maybe once, twice a month if that. But uhm… If I know I have a fight coming on I normally stay toward fish and vegetables, brown rice and everything like that. Just overall I try to make good choices so when I do eat it’s good food and whatnot.</p> <p><strong>RC: How’s this weight cut going for you?</strong></p> <p>It’s going quite well. Right now I’m around 182. I’m pretty sure it’s all mostly water.</p> <p><strong>RC: Sounds pretty good. Sounds like you’re right on point.</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yeah. I’ve got to drop 10-11 pounds of water and that’s easy to me. I’m used to doing that because of my, uhm, wrestling background. I’ve been used to cutting weight and everything too, so yeah.</p> <p><strong>RC: Okay cool, cool. You also attended the Ultimate Fighter Tryouts with Josh (Blyden) and Muhsin (Corbbrey, Wes’s coach) earlier this year. Can you tell us a little about that experience and what you took away from that?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Uhm… Well. Really… It was an experience in that I got to meet other fighters from the world and everything. It was a good experience buuut this is, this is business, and it’s a show business. Especially when you’re talking about The Ultimate Fighter TV show, you know. Hum… I went out there and did my thing, and I mean I dominated my opponent for 90 seconds on the grappling, striking, and I interviewed and whatnot. And uhm… not only me, not saying from my point of view and what happened to me also, but from what I’ve seen happen to other better grapplers and everything like that, it’s a business. *laughs* Let’s keep it that way and it’s about who you know.</p> <p><strong>RC: Mhm. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yeah man.</p> <p><strong>RC: All right moving on a little bit. What do you feel is your greatest strength that you bring to the cage?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Adaptability.</p> <p><strong>RC: Adaptability? You can get prepared for any situation?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yep. That’s just the way I feel about it. People, you know, fighters and trainers, they look at my past fights and they try to prepare based on that. More than likely they’re going to be in for a surprise because I’ve made fights. Some of them I’m made to throw punches. And in some you’ve seen me throw dragon kicks or a dozen kicks and everything. (laughs) It just depends on what opportunity affords me, you know.</p> <p><strong>RC: Yeah. I’ve seen some of your fights and you do some devastating things.</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yeah. So yeah, what it comes down to is being adaptive and being ready to take advantage of what’s given and make way for victory.</p> <p><strong>RC: Okay. And what do you feel is your greatest weakness and what steps are you taking to overcome it?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Weakness? Hmm I don’t know. Sometimes it’s just uhm not overdoing myself. As far as my energy output and whatnot. Personally I have a way of fighting a three round fight versus a five round fight, you know. Even then I try not to overdo myself. In my last fight with Amir, I fought on my gameplan and whatnot, and all of a sudden for the last thirty seconds, I heard the little thirty second thing go, and uh.. I don’t know. I missed with a combo, I guess slipped and basically gave him thirty seconds (laughs) to do whatever. Because I knew I won the first two rounds and, you know, most of the third, and I was like okay… I kind of tried to kind of coast out, and yeah. (laughs) I had everybody getting scared.</p> <p><strong>RC: Oh yeah. You were able to dig deep and grit that one out though.</strong></p> <p>Wes: Oh yeah, I mean I won it. I won. He wasn’t able to afford, he wasn’t able to put any damage or anything on me. He was already worn out.</p> <p><strong>RC: So the first two rounds took it all out of him?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Took it all out.</p> <p><strong>RC: This Friday you’ll be fighting a veteran of almost 13 years. Are you taking any additional steps to prepare for him?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Another day in the office buddy. *laughs* Another day in the office. It’s cool, it’s great. It’s great actually that he’s a 13 year vet. He’s not freaking out. It’s gonna be a good fight.</p> <p><strong>RC: What do you think will give you the edge in this one?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Uhm… Striking. Striking is going to give me the advantage. He’s a big guy. I don’t think he’s as good as me, but we’ll see how he does.</p> <p><strong>RC: All right. Cool. Well right now you’re riding a three win streak. Where do you think another win will put you?</strong></p> <p>Wes: I think after this one, since he’s a veteran and everything, it’ll put me up there, pretty big as far as the big shows looking for talent and whatnot. I might get a call.</p> <p><strong>RC: Okay, So you’re looking to springboard to the next level with this one?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Yeah, yeah. Pretty much.</p> <p><strong>RC: Okay perfect</strong></p> <p>Wes: This is also for the Georgia state title. Pretty much the only person I guess I’ll fight after this that’s local would be Mike Graves, but eh.</p> <p><strong>RC: Any last words for your fans or your opponent?</strong></p> <p>Wes: Hm. Last words? Let’s see. Be prepared.</p> <p><strong>RC: (laughs) Great advice. Thanks for stopping by Wesley and good luck!</strong></p> <p>Wes: Thank you.</p>


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Wes Barnes Joins Us to Discuss Legacy FC 47 Co-Main Event - MMA Articles - Rough Copy

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