UFC 175 Breakdown: Marcus Brimage vs. Russell Doane

By the Numbers

Marcus Brimage made a name for himself going 10-0 as an amateur before turning pro. He is one of the many ATT prospects we'll see on this two card weekend. He debuted at Georgia Fighting Championships and went 3-1 before winning his UFC debut against Stephen Bass. Brimage has also gone 3-1 inside the UFC as a featherweight. Four of his wins come by decision, two by TKO. 175 marks his debut as a bantamweight, so we'll get to see how shedding ten extra pounds affects his attack. His opponent, Russell Doane is a Hawaiian native with twice as many fights and only one more loss. Doane went 11-3 mostly fighting in Honolulu and only committed to MMA full time after defeating UFC vet Jared Papazian. This caught the attention of the UFC, and he was soon signed. As a whole, Brimage is the better rounded of the two fighters. Doane's submission style has been his bread and butter so far.

What's At Stake

It's fairly odd to see a fighter on his fifth fight in the Octagon fighting a competitor who is on his second fight make the main card, but I suppose the UFC is expecting some Fourth of July fireworks from these two. There's nothing too crazy on the line here. Both are new to the sport, so we may be able to look back on this as a defining moment for one of the two, but it just looks like a fun fight.

Road to Victory

Doane has the experience advantage if you look at it in sheer terms of time in the cage, but Brimage's exposure to a larger talent pool of training partners and a deeper history in the sport should be the big difference here. Both fighters are still honing their crafts, so it may just boil down to who makes the biggest mistake first.


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