UFC 174 Breakdown: Ovince St. Preux vs. Ryan Jimmo

By The Numbers

Ovince St. Preux and Ryan Jimmo are two of the more evenly matched opponents on the card. Saint Preux and Jimmo both have some merited wins before joining up with the UFC. Since defeating Brett Chism in February 2010, St. Preux has gone 11-1 with his only loss coming from Gegard Mousasi. Meanwhile, Jimmo was somewhere in the syrupy north fighting for Canada's Maximum Fighting Championship, cutting his teeth on the likes of current Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Emanuel Newton, BJJ standout Wilson Gouveia, and Sokoudjou. Other than that, neither fighter holds an alarming advantage on paper. Each defends takedowns as much as he avoids attempting them. St. Preux and Jimmo are a fairly wild strikers compared to others in the division. This fight has all the makings of a decision, in which case Jimmo is more likely to come out on top.

What's at Stake

It's not really life or death for either of these fighters as long as they put on a main event caliber performance, but it could be back to Fight Pass for both if it's not. St. Preux is on his fifth fight in the UFC and Jimmo his sixth. Neither is in any danger of being cut, but a solid win or knockout could glean one a higher profile matchup somewhere later down the road.

Roads to Victory

St. Preux has an decent enough wrestling background to help him control opponents less accustomed to grappling on the ground. Jimmo's base is more karate-based as you can tell by his wide, slightly awkward stance. Jimmo has been shown to be more careless with his hands, though, and Jimi Manuwa was taking advantage of that before Jimmo's injury during their fight. I've seen each take some unnecessary body shots. It will be interesting to see whether Jimmo's footwork and technique is able to keep St. Preux guessing while he picks him apart or whether St. Preux, who is known to flurry with powerful blows when time is right, is able to land the right shot at the right time and drop Jimmo.


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