UFC 169 Breakdown: John Lineker vs. Ali Bagautinov

By The Numbers

These guys pair up fairly evenly against each other in most areas but there's a few notable exceptions. Lineker has almost twice as many wins as Bagautinov has pro fights. Lineker is also a volume striker. His combos usually come in the numbers reserved for ordering nuggets with an average of 6.56 significant strikes per minute. Bagautinov leads the battle in takedown averages, but Lineker is accomplished enough to keep most fights standing.

What's At Stake

UFC.com has Lineker ranked as their number 5 flyweight when he actually makes weight and Bagautinov as the number 7. Lineker is riding a four fight win streak with his only loss in 4 years and 17 fights against Louis Gaudinot. Bagautinov cemented his spot in the top ten list with his win over Tim Elliott at UFC 167. It's a contender's match between two of the top guys in the division that have yet to face the champ, Demetrious Johnson. While neither will likely see a title result from this match, a solid win will put one of the two a match or two away from a shot.

Road to Victory

We have one guy who calls himself Hands of Stone. We have another who calls himself Puncher. There's not a lot of subtlety in this bout that seems like the hands down favorite to win fight of the night honors. Bagautinov is more of a power puncher than Lineker and a bigger threat if he can get Lineker on his back, but Lineker is quicker and keeps opponents off balance with flurries of blows. Both men are conditioned well enough to go three rounds if necessary.


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