UFC 163 Predictions

John Lineker vs. Jose Maria THIS FIGHT NEEDS MORE AMERICA! Prediction: John Lineker wins by flying Peruvian necktie. Thales Leites vs. Tom Watson Tom Watson wins via Americana because America. Prediction: Tom Watson wins by americana in the first round. Cezar Ferreira vs. Thiago Santos THIS FIGHT NEEDS MORE AMERICA! Prediction: Thiago Santos wins by KO. The ref gets decapitated. Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis As you can tell, I'm not particularly excited for the first three fights of this card, but that just means they will probably be the best. Machida vs. Davis is the most interesting styles clash on this card. Machida is considered by many to be the number one contender in the light heavyweight division. Davis, on the other hand, has defeated most of the top ten opponents placed in front of him. Machida is going to be Machida, there's no doubt about that. Stay on the outside and picks apart the opposition is always the gameplan. Davis is a wrestler through and through. When we last saw him, he managed to jab spam his way to victory, but that's not going to work with Machida. Davis needs to close early and ground the former champion, and I'm pretty sure he's been drilling to be doing just that. He definitely seems to have the power to dictate where the fight happens. I'm calling Davis by a solid decision. Prediction: Phil Davis wins by unanimous decision. Jose Aldo vs. Chan Sung Jung When Aldo stepped off the scales at the weigh-ins, he quickly guzzled half a bottle of purple drank. The weight cut didn't look particularly easy for the champ, so expect the usual suspect cardio. Many of Aldo's opponents tend to come up on the winning end of fights in the later rounds, but Aldo's early dominance is enough to win him the fights. If Aldo gasses early, Jung has a better chance to execute a smart gameplan. Jung has the ability to win a submission, but Aldo doesn't go down easily. Aldo is difficult to figure out, but fists are just calculus to Jung.


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