The Heart of Chaos: One on One with Chris Scott

We were able to once again sit down and talk to Savannah fighter Chris Scott shortly before UFC 160. Scott is coming off of a quick first round submission victory at Havoc at the Civic Center. Scott looks to remain active and quickly signed another fight this weekend, June 22, for Fighter Soul Promotions. Chris will be fighting alongside fellow gym members Johnnie Williams and Tam Vo. Though he did not have an opponent at the time of the interview, he will be facing ReVamp MMA's Donovan Batten. Check out Fear No Battle this weekend to see Scott and many other of the region's talented competitors.

Derek from Rough Copy: We're here with once again with Savannah's own Chris "Chaos" Scott who is coming off of a big first round submission win via americana over Chris Merrell. Chris, tell us a little about what was going through your head during that fight. Was that your gameplan going into it?

Chris Scott: Well honestly I wanted to stand with him more, I planned to keep it standing for the first minute or so, but as with all plans in mma, once the fights starts they usually go out the window. I led with a middle kick and lead left hook, but when he clinched me, my instincts in Judo took over and I threw him. But what goes through my mind with all my opponents is that I have goals, and he is in the way of that, so in order to achieve my goals I must go thru him, and thats what I did.

RC: It was a solid performance. Can you tell us a little about what you do between fights to stay prepared?

CS: Just continue training and preparing for the next person we gotta fight, work on parts of my game that need help, and stay sharp. you can get a call at a moments notice, we gotta stay ready at all times.

RC: Speaking of training, you and several of your teammates were very successful at Havoc. Can you tell us a little about what you guys do to help elevate each other to the next level?

CS: Yeah, it comes down to one word....Coaching! Our coaches are the best and most experienced in the none! All of our coaches have competed themselves and won titles, so they know what it takes. First we have Muhsin Corrbrey. He is a WEC vet and IFC World lightweight Champion. He has Muay Thai titles and wins across Thailand and other parts of the world. Hes has a great pro boxing record. You name it, he's done it! And still doing it - he just signed and fought for Glory, one of the top shows in the world.

Next is Stephen Bass. He's a UFC vet who was on The Ultimate Fighter and as dedicated a fighter as you'll find.

We have Kru Brian Roberson who has an extensive career in Muay Thai in Thailand and several titles as well.

We have Bellator vet Shah Bobonis and boxing world champion Norman Jones as our boxing instructor. We have Hall of Fame Wrestler Chris Blair as our wrestling coach as well as Seth Marquez, who by the way was robbed blind in his fight. We have the absolute best stable of coaches you could ask for. They expect nothing but the best from all of us, and thats what we give them. And it shows on fight night! We are always looking for ways to improve!

RC: We totally agree about Marquez being robbed. I think the judges were the only people in the building who scored it like that. Another teammate of yours, Josh Blyden, is fighting Serge Armstrong for Conflict's amateur featherweight belt. Tell us a little about helping him prepare for his upcoming fight.

CS: Man Josh is a warrior through and through, and he will be bringing that belt back to Champions Training Center. His Jiu-jitsu is really good and his stand up is even better. We just push him as hard as we can. He puts in the time and effort. He also teaches our kids boxing class so he has our kids behind him too. Josh is a true success story and a testament that if you put you mind to something you can do it. When he came to the gym he was well overweight and out of shape, but thru dedication and perseverance he lost it all and became on of the top guys in the gym, he's a true champion!

As far as Seth's fight goes even the announcer was shocked. When he looked at the score cards he had to make sure he was reading them right.

RC: We're looking forward to heading up to Charleston to cover that one. What's the story behind your upcoming fight and who will you be facing?

CS: I'm fighting in Panama city June 22 for Richard Cox and Fighters Soul promotions in Fear No Fight. But the Conflict welterweight title is up for grabs June 1 also, and I want that title. So Im hoping Jared and Conflict MMA will match me up with who ever wins it this weekend! As far as my opponent for the 22 we don't have a name yet. But the gameplan is the same as it always is. Go in and get the job done.

RC: The atmosphere at a local mma event is really unique. The fans in attendance were energized from beginning to end. As a fan of the sport and as someone with friends competing, what was it like watching the other fights?

CS: There is nothing like watching it live, especially after I've fought. Being right there watching is so much better, and I love to watch the other guys go out there and leave it in the cage!

RC: I think the next big title defense we have in MMA is Silva vs. Weidman. We actually really like Weidman's chances in this one. What are your thoughts on that fight?

CS: Well Weidman beat Uriah Hall who is primarily a stand up guy, and Chael gave us the blueprint to beat Silva. I like Weidman in this one too. If it goes to decision it's gonna be Weidman. Silva needs to finish him quick. The longer the fight goes the more it favors Weidman.

RC: I doubt Silva will have much of an opportunity for his usual mockery. Also, I've got to ask you one of our standard questions at Rough Copy. What's your favorite cartoon?

CS: My favorite doubt Dragon Ball Z! And if he tries to mock Weidman I think he'll pay for it.

RC: haha. Nice choice! Goku or Vegeta?

CS: Goku but Gohan, Trunks, and Krillin are the shit too!

RC: If you're a DBZ fan you should check out Team Fourstar's abridged version. It's a really amazing parody using the same video from the show, but they completely rewrote the script. Same plot but hilarious.

CS: I'll have to check that out. When I first started fighting I dyed my hair blonde instead of black and my son would say, "Daddy's going super Saiyen"!

RC: Now I'm going to be watching to make sure your hair doesn't go gold during a fight. Is there anything else you would like to tell the fans before we wrap up?

CS: Well its a lot darker know, but just keep supporting local fighters and local shows. We wouldnt be able to do it without them. So thank you to everyone who came out to the Civic Center and hopefully there will be another show here soon! Look for All of Champions Training Center's guys representing Savannah all over the southeast. G to facebook and Like Champions Training Center's page, and definitely look up and Like the page! Thanks guys.

RC: Thanks again, Chris. We look forward to seeing your next fight!


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