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The Sunday Hangover: Volume I

<h2>Titan FC Releases Yoshiyuki Yoshida</h2> <p>Just about everything that could ruin Titan FC’s main event Friday happened. The vacant lightweight title was to be filled by the winner of a five round contest between UFC vets Mike Ricci and Yoshiyuki Yoshida. First, Ricci missed weight by two pounds. Titan FC CEO Jeff Aronson explained to The MMA Report that Yoshida and Ricci had agreed to have a non-title catchweight bout at the Halloween card. Aronson, who also manages Ricci, claimed that Yoshida was visibly shaking and no longer wanted to face Ricci and also probably spent all night repeatedly checking under his bed for Mike Ricci.</p> <p>Yoshida is no stranger to this situation. He infamously faced Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 104 and was destroyed in 41 seconds. At six pounds over the weight limit, Johnson was half a baby overweight and smothered Yoshida like a plate of gravy-covered punches and onions. </p> <h2>Invicta FC 9 Fails to Deliver</h2> <p>Now that Invicta is working closely with Zuffa, the UFC has largely free reign to use the organization as a developmental program for new talent. Whenever they need to fill or develop a new or existing division, they can tap the roster of Invicta for upcoming stars. They’ve recently lifted some of Invicta’s names for the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, and Invicta’s currently depleted roster showed Saturday night.</p> <p>The event saw 8 of 9 fights go to a decision. Old school MFS was on display in the main event as Barb Honchak was able to force Takayo Hashi against the cage for most of the fight and hold her there for an unremarkable wall and stall victory. Many fights on the card were slow-paced and the small live crowd didn’t seem that into it. Amber Brown and Liz McCarthy put on one of the better performances of the main card, but Invicta newcomer Andrea "KGB" Lee was the star of the show.</p> <p>Lee, who was battle hardened in the belly of the beast serving at Buffalo Wild Wings, developed a scrappy style and enjoyed a 7-0 Muay Thai record and a 5-3 ammy mma record before turning pro. She soundly thrashed opponent Shannon Sinn for three rounds and picked up a unanimous decision. Plus you’ve got to respect a woman who comes out to Dio.</p> <h2>Vitor Belfort Drug Tested: Surprise!</h2> <p>Now we all get to sit around waiting and speculating over the contents of a man’s urine for a few days. See you Monday!</p>


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The Sunday Hangover: Volume I - MMA Articles - Rough Copy

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