MMA Fighter Josh Collins Speaks to Us Before Havoc

As we conclude our final set of interviews going into Conflict MMA's Havoc at the Civic Center, we met up with one final fighter, Josh Collins of Eden, GA. Collins is currently 2-0 in sanctioned bouts in his amateur MMA career. So far he has yet to spend an entire round's worth of time as he has finished both of his opponents fairly quickly. With two fights clocking in at a combined 3:18, he's feeling pretty good going into his upcoming match with Andy McWilliams, also 2-0.

Collins is a well rounded fighter who isn't afraid to take the fight wherever it needs to go. He won his first fight in spectacular fashion via a standing guillotine choke and in his second escaped from a mounted position to quickly win the fight with a flurry of knees. So far, both of his fights have been equally exciting and we expect his next to be his best yet. We got to ask Josh a few questions as made his final preparations for Friday's weigh-ins. Here's what he had to say.

Derek from Rough Copy: First, would you please tell us a little about who you are, where you went to school, and where you train?

Josh Collins: My name is Josh Collins from Eden, GA. I graduated from Effingham High School and I train at "The Asylum" in Rincon, GA with Judgement Day Boxing and Controlled Aggression with Lindsay Rowse.

RC: What inspired you to get involved with MMA? Who would you consider to be your biggest influence?

JC: I got into MMA just looking for a fun way to stay in shape and ended up falling in love with the sport. Then I decided to compete.

My biggest influences are Jason Hicks from Charleston MMA and Nick Smiley. These are local guys that helped me out as I was just getting into the sport. Along with the coaches from CMMA - Jonathan Jader and Sam Promaonee.

RC: Conflict MMA is one of the biggest draws in the Southeast and we're excited to have them here. How do you feel to be part of the growth of this organization and southeast MMA in general?

JC: I feel honored just to be able to compete in the Conflict MMA promotions. These are some of the most helpful and kindhearted people you will ever meet.

RC: You have a pretty big following here in the local scene. Many people on Facebook are looking forward to seeing your fight the most. How does it feel being one of the hometown heroes participating at Havoc? Does this place any additional stress on you?

JC: LOL! It's pretty hard to take it all in, to be honest. But, a great feeling knowing I have so much support from fans and family who love watching me as I continue to grow in this sport. Yes of course it's going to add a little stress and nerves from the amount of friends and family that will be attending. But, once I step into the cage it's all going to go away!

RC: You displayed a fairly well rounded ground game along with a pretty sick Muay Thai clench in your fight against Vincent Grecco. Can you tell us a little about your training routine and what you've been working on since we last saw you?

JC: Well, I'm a freestyle fighter. I love to stand and bang. But, I have great access to really good BJJ coaches who have helped my ground game tremendously. So, I am willing to take the fight no matter which way it goes!

RC: What do you feel are the most important qualities that an MMA fighter should possess?

JC: I feel the most important qualities would be well rounded, very athletic, a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work to make sure they can adjust to every aspect of the game. Along with self-discipline.

RC: If you could set up any fight between any two fighters in the prime of their careers, who would you want to watch? Which other fights on this card are you excited to see?

JC: I would say George St. Pierre vs. Anderson "Spider" Silva.

I am looking forward to seeing my training partners - Lindsay Rowse, Johnny Brazell, and Nick Smiley.

RC: We like to mix it up our questions a little bit every now and then with something absurd, so I have to ask. Who wins in a fight between Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak? No holds barred.

JC: I would say Alex Trebek. Not sure why, just my guess. LOL!

Again, I really appreciated you giving me this opportunity!!

RC: Our pleasure! Thank you and the rest of Conflict MMA for putting on this show for us.


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