Interview with Savannah's Own Chris Scott

As the big event on Saturday approaches, Savannah native Chris Scott is already psyching himself up for his confrontation with South Carolina's Christopher Merrell. We were able to catch up with Scott shortly before he began preparing for his final weight cut. We can best describe Scott as amiable and outgoing, yet stoic in his resolve.

Chris Scott has been training under the tutelage of his friend and mentor, WEC veteran Muhsin Corrbrey and participating in local MMA tournaments for years waiting for a large promotion to come through and offer residents a great card. A few minutes with Scott and you can tell he has the focus and resolve to be a champion in the sport. He was kind enough to tell us a little about himself and his fighting style before making his final cuts.

Derek from Rough Copy: First, would you please tell us a little about who you are, where you went to school, and where you train? What would you consider to be your strongest asset?

Chris Scott: Well My name is Chris Scott, I am a fighter here in Savannah, GA. I train at Champions Training Center under WEC vet Muhsin Corrbrey who has multiple titles in all forms of Martial Arts. I went to school here in Savannh at Windsor Forest High School.

My strongest asset no doubt is my judo and jiu-jitsu. However, my Muay Thai has gotten a lot better.

RC: Who are some of your biggest influences in the sport, professional or personal?

Chris Scott: My biggest influence would have to be my coach Muhsin Corrbrey both professionaly and personally. As well as my best friend Kasey Vincent who is with the Southside Fire Dept. Biggest of all would be my son Christopher who was hit by a Uhaul truck when he was 6 and lost a good portion of his left foot but has never let that get in his way!

RC: You have your first officially sanctioned fight coming up at Conflict MMA's Havoc at the Civic Center here in your hometown of Savannah. We're looking forward to seeing you face Chris Merrell out of South Carolina. What is it like to train against an opponent without having much footage to study to learn his strengths and weaknesses?

Chris Scott: I've actually fought several times here in Savannah and I love fighting at home! There's nothin like it!

As far as not knowing anything about Chris Merrill, to me it doesnt matter. It's my job to impose my will wherever the fight goes. It's the reason we cross train at CTC, so we can be ready regardless of who we are fighting. It's actually better for me mentally to not know anything. If I did I may worry too much about his strengths and get caught elswhere. I train like hes a division 1 wrestler, a black belt in jiu-jitsu, and a Muay Thai expert.

RC: Havoc is the largest card of this caliber that we've seen in Savannah. How do you feel making your debut* at such a large event?

Chris Scott: Im super excited someone is finally putting on a good show here. I think the fans deserve it and have been waiting. I know the fighters have definitely been wanting something like this here! My hat's off to Conflict MMA for doing this. And although its not my debut, Im looking forward to see how good it actually turns out!

* Editor's note: Just to clarify, this is not technically Scott's debut as he has had numerous great local fights. This is his first officially sanctioned bout by a major MMA promotion.

RC: Is MMA something you plan to pursue as a career?

Chris Scott: MMA is and always will be in my blood, it's what I do, my passion if you will. I love the singularity of the sport. In the cage no one can win or lose for you and on the same note no one else gets the credit or can take the blame if you fight poorly.

RC: You fight at 170 which is one of the most hotly contested divisions in MMA right now. Speaking of the Welterweights, we've got Johny Hendricks facing GSP sometime in the future. We here at Rough Copy think Johny is the biggest threat to the champ's belt. Any thoughts you care to share on that one?

Chris Scott: Johny Hendricks is always a threat, but it seems that GSP just gets better as he goes. Hendricks has a lot of momentum rigt now that could serve him well, but GSP is the best at what he does, hands down. I've gotta go with GSP on this one. But Hendricks definitely has the tools to shock the world!

Thanks guys, I appreciate rhe time! I do wanna thank Luke Smith at IDF Granite, Dropya fight gear, and Close Combat Athletics for their support, as well as you guys for helping MMA get out to the people! Thanks!


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