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Hits and Misses: UFC 207

<p>In case you haven&#39;t seen any of the thousands of memes created in the early hours Sunday morning, UFC 207&#39;s main event ended with one of the most glorious knockouts of the year as Amanda Nunes defended her title over the woman who brought women&#39;s mixed martial arts from a promotional indulgence to the forefront of mainstream media. &nbsp;We also saw the end of a 10 year undefeated streak as Dominick Cruz finally fell to a member of Team Alpha Male. &nbsp;UFC 207 was a bumpy card weakened by last hour injuries and didn&#39;t have much to offer outside of the questions raised by the main event. &nbsp;The promotional material between Cody Garbrandt and Dominick Cruz didn&#39;t do justice to the actual execution in the cage, and the rest of the card felt mostly flat. &nbsp;Here&#39;s our look at all of the best and worst moments from UFC 207.</p> <h2><i class="fa fa-thumbs-down" aria-hidden="true"></i> Miss: No Goodbye Goldie</h2> <p>Love him or hate him Mike Goldberg has produced some of the most memorable commentary for UFC events. &nbsp;As the Michael Jordan of MMA announcing, Goldie handled his lines with all the tenderness and care of an assembly line of Chinese children manufacturing Giblert Melendez jerseys, and his hunger for the sport was only quelled by delicious CornNuts - the official corn nut snack of the UFC.</p> <p>Goldberg has been the voice of the Octagon for 20 years, and UFC 207 was his final broadcast event. &nbsp;An entire generation listened to the man, so for the company to not address the departure at all feels shallow. &nbsp;Still, at least we got one final, emphatic &quot;JUST. LIKE. THAT.&quot; from the end of the main event. &nbsp;Thanks for the memories, Goldie.</p> <h2><i class="fa fa-thumbs-up" aria-hidden="true"></i> Hit: Amanda Nunes Obliterates Rousey</h2> <p>At the UFC 207 media weigh-ins, Amanda Nunes eagerly attempted to explain to a crowd that she was a real deal champion and looked forward to proving it to them on Friday night. &nbsp;The backlash was insane. &nbsp;She was booed by a bunch of dweebs clamoring for violence like she just came out of the closet at a Trump rally.</p> <p>People love an underdog and the UFC unwittingly gave many every reason to cheer Nunes. &nbsp;Rousey made three milion dollars to show vs. Nunes&#39;s $100,000 to show and $100,000 to win. &nbsp;Rousey was given the overwhelming majority of coverage compared to Nunes despite the former not being required to participate in media activities. &nbsp;Even Lesnar was forced to leave his home on the side of a mountain somewhere in Fantasia to tell the land tales of his big, strong hands. &nbsp;Add in the fact that Rousey is managed by the UFC&#39;s parent company and you have all the makings for a heavily-favored corporate champion. &nbsp;It&#39;s like nobody in the company has ever heard of Stone Cold Steve Austin.</p> <p>Nunes opened up two cans of whoop ass and permanantly marked Rousey with her pheromones in case she ever needs to track her to finish the kill. &nbsp;She became the first woman since Rousey to successfully defend the women&#39;s bantamweight title, and she took care of the former champion in only 48 seconds. &nbsp;She was punched so hard that black eyed peas now require trigger warnings. &nbsp;Rousey was ragdolled across the cage with punches in a way that made the laws of physics jump off the couch and shout, &quot;You can&#39;t do that&quot; while spitting out chunks of delicious CornNuts - the official corn nut snack of the UFC.</p> <h2><i class="fa fa-thumbs-down" aria-hidden="true"></i> Miss: Rousey&#39;s Silence</h2> <p>Dominick Cruz was all class in his defeat. &nbsp;He shook his opponent&#39;s hand, congratulated him, and gave praise after the show. &nbsp;Rousey did not speak before the fight and Forrest Griffined her way off into the darkness immediately following the official decision. &nbsp;Keeping her away from media has been a huge miss and will only server to help sell her story at a later date.</p> <h2><i class="fa fa-thumbs-up" aria-hidden="true"></i> Hit: Garbrandt Out-Cruzes Cruz</h2> <p>Few people thought Cody Garbrandt would be able to assemble the tools needed to outperform Dominick Cruz but the young bantamweight was patient with his striking and managed to slip many of Cruz&#39;s attacks, often landing his own counters as Cruz attempted to slip away. &nbsp;It was a fantastic and unexpected performance. &nbsp;Many felt Garbrandt had the tool to KO Dom, but few expected the outcome. &nbsp;Garbrandt brought his friend Maddux, a young man who battled childhood leukemia who Cody credits with turning his own life around, to the cage to hold the belt. &nbsp;It was a great fight with a touching ending and one of the better moments of 2016.</p> <h2><i class="fa fa-thumbs-up" aria-hidden="true"></i> Hit: Dillashaw Drags Lineker Through Three Tough Rounds</h2> <p>T.J. Dillashaw and John Lineker put on the poor man&#39;s version of the co-main event. &nbsp;He mixed in-and-out volume striking with fluid takedowns and captured a unanimous 10-8 for his work in the second round. &nbsp;Dillashaw was in control from bell to buzzer adn cemented the first shot at Cody Garbrandt should they choose not to give Cruz the immediate rematch. &nbsp;It was one of his most fluid performances and he left often swinging heavily at air.</p> <h2><i class="fa fa-thumbs-down" aria-hidden="true"></i> Miss: Kim vs. Saffiedine</h2> <p>Sometimes fights just fizzle. &nbsp;Kim and Saffiedine were supposed to be fighting to see which would be pushed up the ladder in 2017, but neither fighter made a convincing case of being ready for higher level competition. &nbsp;At the end, Kim walked away with the split decision, but it was one of the closest fights of the evening, not because of close action but because of many missed opportunities by both men.</p> <h2><i class="fa fa-thumbs-down" aria-hidden="true"></i> Miss: Ray Borg and Louis Smolka</h2> <p>Ray Borg vs. and Louis Smolka put on another battle of neutralization. &nbsp;Borg pressured Smolka and won the grappling exchanges but Smolka was tough enough to really prevent much from happening beyond that. &nbsp;He did enough to defend, Borg did enough to win. &nbsp;It was a miss because a boring stalemate isn&#39;t what is really expected from the flyweight division. &nbsp;Flyweight fights should be exciting and zesty like the flavor of the delicious CornNuts - the official corn nut snack of the UFC.</p> <p>That's it for our UFC 207 coverage. Please take a moment to <a href="http://roughcopy.com/events/ufc-207">rate your favorite fights from UFC 207</a> as well as the event as a whole, and if you enjoyed this article give us a follow on <a target="_blank" href="https://twitter.com/roughcopydotcom">twitter</a> and <a target="_blank" href="https://www.facebook.com/roughcopydotcom/">Facebook</a> to be the first to see more like it.</p>


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